“The House Box” – Private residence and cultural space in Koukaki (2007-2011)



Sofia Tsiraki

Consulting architect:

Tassos Biris Collaborating architect:

Giota Dalageli

Structural engineer:

Kostas Polychronopoulos

Mechanical engineer:

Giorgos Christofilis





Located under the hill of Filopappos, this house is situated in a narrow plot, between two buildings. The main facade is seen from the street side and there is also a backyard. It is an adaptation of the modernist concept of the “primary habitable box”, or the minimum “life container”. Instead of a design made by plates and free surfaces, hereby, the treatment of a solid “box” shape is prominent and adds to the building’s integration to the neighborhood. Despite the outer boundary that shelters the delicate intimacy of “private life”, the house retains a social façade, through a balanced visual and spatial intercourse between public and private.

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