New Acropolis Museum – 2 nd Prize (1990)

New Acropolis Museum


Tassos Biris, Dimitris Biris, Panos Kokkoris, Eleni Amerikanou

Collaborating architects:

Kelly Vrettou, Panos Exarchopoulos, Sotiris Kotsopoulos

Collaborating architecture students:

Poupa Delfino, Periklis Rovithakis, Maria Pylarinou, Giannis Exarchou, Memos Filippidis


Giorgos Kanellos

The Koile is a natural concave rocky receptor which is the “non-building” itself, the “container” which could become the New Acropolis Museum and host its exhibits with suitable modifications on the natutal terrain. The architectural intervention is minimized to a transparent concrete shed resting on a trict and sparse support grid located in places that do not interfere with the fine sculptural arrangement of the slopes and the rocky bed of Koile and its archaelogical findings. The hollows, depressions, ridges and folds of the eroded rocky terrain define almost in themselves the particular “locations” of a promenade in a covered archaeological park which is itself an exhibit. Stonewalls or light coverings-awnings create correspondingly the different and necessary small scale areas for each type and group of scultpures within the overall space of the Museum. The constructed shed and the “nudity” of the natural terrain consititute the architectural idea of the Museum that is proposed as a “non-building”.

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