Municipal Hall – Cultural Hall in Palaio Faliro – 1 st Prize (study: 1986 – built: 2004)

First Prize at the Panhellenic architectural competition, 1986


Tassos Biris, Dimitris Biris, Panos Kokkoris

Mechanical engineers:

Theodoros Voudiklaris, Nikos Detsis

Mechanical engineer:

Giorgos Christofilis Public space planning Nella Golanda



The elements taken into account in this proposal are: (a) the Municipality’s wish for a building that uses passive energy efficiency systems and (b) the preservation of a prominent rocky ridge, which takes up a large part of the plot. The building is L-shaped with an inner multistoreyed central core placed between its two branches. Its glazed roof has external movable louvres for sun protection and makes use of solar energy. The natural rock is functionally and aesthetically integrated in the composition.

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