Municipal Daycare in Markopoulo, Attica (study: 1993 – built: 2007)

Honourable Mention at the Greek Architects Association (SADAS-PEA) Awards 2005


Tassos Biris

Collaborating architects:

Effie Vitzileou, Kelly Vrettou

Structural engineers:

Theodoros Voudiklaris, Nikos Zirilios

Mechanical engineers:

Giorgos Kontoroupis, Giorgos Christofilis

Construction supervising structural engineer:

Marios Triantafyllidis





We did not try to design a building which -in a way- would reproduce a child’s phantasy, just by exploiting the ingenuity of architectural form and its esthetic appeal. On the contrary, this functional daycare unit is also an introductory lesson about space syntax. And at the same time it is a friendly spatial game for its young inhabitants. It is the game of playing with architecture while living in it, in a special way that children know (and can) when architecture itself gives them the chance to do so. It is the building itself that makes the game possible. In essence, its design constitutes a series of basic architectural archetypes which join together as a functional and aesthetic «whole».

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