Housing and Commercial Multiplex in Metaxourgio – 3 rd Prize at the European architectural competition (2006 – chosen to be constructed)

Third Prize at the European architectural competition, 2006
(chosen to be constructed)


Georgia Daskalaki, Giannis Papadopoulos

Collaborating architects:

Anthi Verykiou, Anna Moraitou

Structural engineers:

Pagonis – Chroneas – Kinatos E.E.

Collaborating structural engineer:

Kostas Polychronopoulos

Mechanical engineer:

Nikos Tsagkanos, Michalis Theodosiou in collaboration with GEK Terna





The dimensions of the site are such that enabled us to design, not a linear (a “bar”), but a spiral formation with an inner “atrium”. The spiral movement of the building-mass evolves gradually upwards, gaining height. In its route it is followed (and underlined) by the parallel spiral “unwinding” of its metallic roof. The design makes use of polygnotic colours such as ocher or yellow, light or deep blue, and terra-cota brown.

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