Cyprus Archaeological Museum, Nicosia (2017)

Participation in International Architectural Competition, 2017


Sofia Tsiraki, Magda Chambaloglou, Stavros Koumoutsos, Achilleas Pliakos

Consulting architect:

Tassos Biris

Collaborating architecture student:

Panos Niarchos



The concept configures a continuous upward and downward, winding and unwinding spiral motion, throughout the overall design. This motion complements the outline of the plot, and also establishes substantial connection of the New Cyprus Museum to the urban landscape of Nicosia and major public buildings in the area. The corpus of the Museum comprehensively follows this bilateral spiral expansion. The design configures a confined space for the outstanding Cypriot antiquities to be safely contained and exhibited, and at the same time gradually opens its inner space inviting the visitor to come in contact with these antiquities. It is a kind of basin which accommodates the exhibits with appropriate controlled light, and evenly occupying spaces above and below ground. In this way, the design significantly reduces the building mass projected on the surrounding urban landscape. Thus, an extensive open-air and lively public space is returned to the neighbourhood. The upward and downward motion of the building roof signifies a landmark that emerges from the ground and culminates in the pyramid light well. The roof configures an elevated archaeological promenade, a planted topography with open-air exhibitions and recreation areas above the Museum, which is thematically linked with the general sociocultural role of such a building within the Nicosia Cultural District.

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