Comprehensive High School in Ilioupolis, Athens – 1 st Prize (1978-1988)

First Prize at Panhellenic Architectural Competition, 1976


Tassos Biris, Dimitris Biris

Collaborating architecture students:

Elias Karakostas, Despoina Nikiforaki, Nikos Toulatos, Eleni Fragopoulou

Team (Β phase):

Professor Kyprianos Biris Architectural Office

Collaborating architects:

Maria Kafritsa, Tasis Papaioannou, Elias Karakostas, Despoina Nikiforaki

Structural Engineer:

Theodoros Voudiklaris

Mechanical Engineer:

Alexis Kokkinopoulos





The project comprises a complex of four cooperating schools with a total student population of 2000. The High School is based on a system of atria following a prominent axis that constitutes both a central passageway and an open-air space/garden. This system defines the boundaries of the private spaces of each separate school and their relationship to the larger public spaces of the general complex.

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