Apartments Building in Polydroso, Athens (1979-1980)

Apartments Building in Polydroso, Athens – 1979


Tassos Biris, Dimitris Biris

Design Supervisor:

Tassos Biris

Collaborating architect:

Maria Kafritsa

Structural Engineer:

Christos Argiropoulos

Mechanical Engineer:

Panos Loukelis





This apartment building consists of six single-floor and nine duplex apartments. The design aimed at portraying a small neighbourhood of houses-cubes, which are developped not horizontally on the ground, but vertically in space. The usual positioning of houses facing a “vague” view, typical of apartment buildings, is here broadened with actual views and correlations between the apartments themselves. This opening of the apartment building onto itself defines to some extent a specific way of life -a new quality in living together- among the tenants.

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